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About Us

A Loving Heart Youth Services has over 30 years of experience working with urban at-risk youth and adults  in various capacities from housing, congregate care, childcare, early childhood education, youth ministry, athletics, health and wellness, leadership development, extended education, tutoring, mentoring, science, technology, engineering, and math.  We believe that our clients have the right to a loving, caring, productive environment.  This is the key to a successful life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide health, housing, therapeutic and social service supports to the clients we serve. Through love, education, inspiration and positive guidance and support, ALH will teach and model necessary skills to live in a community -based setting so youth can return home or move into independent living environment successfully. A Loving Heart Youth Services INC will provide a training ground to build strong leadership amongst youth in our community.

Our Objective

Using a therapeutic/trauma-informed case-management approach we incorporate love, education, inspiration, and positive guidance and support. Our objective is help in developing

stable housing, socio-emotional skills, recovery supports and life skills so that our clients are able to:


  1. Begin to heal from the trauma they have experienced

  2. Live in a community-based setting independent living environment successfully

  3. Be prepared for the next phase in their lives (career, academically and socially)

  4. Be reunited with birth parent(s). If they desire that.

  5. To have a safe housing space that they can access other needed community-based services.  


A Loving Heart Youth Services will provide a system of supports to empower our youth and adult clients a pathway to healing, recovery and restoration. 


Our Action Plan

Our goal at A Loving Heart Youth Services will take action in building and motivating youth through coaching, training, and modeling. A Loving Heart Youth Services, Inc. will use Success Coach who will work hands-on with the youth to drive winning attitude, encourage discipline and inspire obtainable goals. Our program will build and implement treatment service focused on A Loving Heart Youth Services, Inc’s. 

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